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PwP Components

The ten components of the PwP Initiative work together as a comprehensive program to meet the goals of the U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy: reducing new HIV infections by decreasing transmission, improving health outcomes for persons living with HIV, and reducing HIV-related health disparities.  These components provide a practical way of achieving a reduction in the viral loads of persons living with HIV through antiretroviral treatment, which in turn can lead to dramatic reductions in HIV transmission at both the individual and community levels.  They are also an integral part of the CDC’s High Impact Approach to HIV Prevention.  Implementing the PwP integrated family of components offers a cost-efficient and effective road to ending the HIV epidemic.

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The ten components are:


• Linkage to Care - Immediate referral to and delivery of HIV medical care - Learn more
• Retention in Care - Retention in care for patients’ long-term health, suppression of viral load, and reduced risk of HIV transmission - Learn more
• Risk Screening and Reduction - Risk screening and referring patients to appropriate risk reduction interventions and services - Learn more
• Partner Services - Voluntary assistance with advising patients’ partners of possible exposure and referring them to appropriate services - Learn more
• Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) for HIV Prevention - Improves patients’ health, lengthens lifespan, and significantly reduces risk of transmission to uninfected partners - Learn more
• Adherence to ART - Required for patients living with HIV to achieve sustained viral suppression and related health and prevention benefits - Learn more
• Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Services - Screen patients regularly for the presence of sexually transmitted disease and treat as appropriate - Learn more
• Referral to Other Services - Assess concurrent social and medical challenges, and make appropriate referrals - Learn more
• Reproductive Health Care - Access to comprehensive reproductive health care counseling and services - Learn more
• Mother-to-Child HIV Prevention - Preventing perinatal transmission of HIV - Learn more

Select "learn more" in the component list above or use the drop-down menu from the PwP Components navigation tab to access each component page.  There you will find a general introduction to the component, answers to frequently asked questions, and a fictionalized story about how the component might be put into action.  Below the story will be two buttons that allow you to access information about any component-specific resources and trainings.