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PwP in Action

First page of graphic novel showing cast of characters outside clinic building




What does the future of HIV prevention really look like? 



This 30-minute graphic novel is designed to give staff at clinics, community-based organizations, and health departments a look at one highly collaborative possibility.








Minimum System Requirements

• Browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7 (or higher, but not 9.0), Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox on standard Microsoft® technologies (Windows® 98 or more recent)
• JavaScript enabled
• Pop-up blocker disabled
• Intel® Pentium® III Processor
• 256 MB RAM, minimum
• Broadband Internet connection
• Adobe Reader for PDFs
• Adobe Flash Player

The following system plug-ins are available for download and installation to optimize your learning experience:

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance related to viewing this graphic novel, please contact Doug Kershaw at 214-645-7310 or